Project Description


Supreme Agencies is Wholesale dealer. They use to deliver the products to various retail customers. Their process was like they use to get  order  in order form one day  before from the customer by going to their place ,and then they will rise the bill after reaching the godown and check for the stock and they if stock is not available then they will rewrite the order after getting the customer verification. Then they will  bill it and deliver the product next day .Just for billing they have to spend more time.


We have come out  with a solution to reduce their time and  do smart work which will increase their business and reduce the time. We have developed custom Android Application for Billing and maintenance. When the person goes to client location, everything they order will be done in real time checking with stock using app. Then will convert into bill and produce the bill on delivery of the product. They can manage all GST Report such as GSTR1,B2B,B2C everything. Custom reports for their cross verification is also provided.


  • Increased productivity.

  • Saved lot of time.

  • Able to manage the business from anywhere using the app.

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